Featuring the latest in design, comfort and functionality in a manual exam table, the Ritter 204 truly promotes more efficient patient care. It allows easy access for patients, making them feel secure; three side drawers for optimal supply management; modern styling to coordinate with your office; an updated, ergonomic top design to help patients feel comfortable and additional weight capacity to handle heavy patients. Tops are available with stitched or seamless upholstery. Standard colors are: black, clay, dusty blue, moss, navy, pebble grey, perfect plum and shadow grey.

Product Number Description   Quantity Price
144-204-001 Base only/receptacle   each $1,268.19
144-204-002 Base only/receptacle w/heater & pelvic tilt   each $1,323.63 
144-002-0870-216 Upholstered stitched top, pebble grey   each $408.31
144-002-0870-229 Upholstered stitched top, perfect plum   each Contact Us 
144-002-0870-230 Upholstered stitched top, moss   each $408.31
144-002-0870-231 Upholstered stitched top, navy   each $408.31
144-002-0870-232 Upholstered stitched top, shadow grey   each $408.31
144-002-0870-233 Upholstered stitched top, dusty blue   each Contact Us 
144-002-0870-234 Upholstered stitched top, clay   each Contact Us 
144-002-0870-312 Upholstered stitched top, black   each Contact Us 
144-002-0871-216 Upholstered seamless top, pebble grey   each $613.13
144-002-0871-229 Upholstered seamless top, perfect plum   each $613.13
144-002-0871-230 Upholstered seamless top, moss   each $613.13
144-002-0871-231 Upholstered seamless top, navy   each $613.13
144-002-0871-232 Upholstered seamless top, shadow grey   each $613.13
144-002-0871-233 Upholstered seamless top, dusty blue   each $613.13
144-002-0871-234 Upholstered seamless top, clay   each $613.13
144-002-0871-312 Upholstered seamless top, black   each $613.13

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