Versatile, folding, self-propelled chair featuring an overall narrow width and a corrosion-resistant stainless steel frame. It can be positioned over a standard toilet or used as a portable, self-contained commode. Full length arms are completely removable for ease of transfer. Swingaway, detachable footrests permit close approaches to beds, toilets and wheelchairs. The recessed seat and frame side contours allow easy access for toileting activities while seated. It has 24” durable one piece composite wheels with integral handrims and solid rubber tires. It comes with removable, hygienic plastic pail and lid and cushioned vinyl seat which is sealed against moisture penetration and vented for optimal foam compression. The oval opening seat is standard however a “C” shaped or solid seat are available as options. Weight capacity is 250lbs.

Product Number Description Size Quantity Price
139-12022010 Commode, Lo back 14-1/2” each $1,011.78 
139-12022011 Commode, Lo back 14-1/2” with caster pin locks each $1,046.43 
139-12022013 Commode, Lo back 14-1/2” with 5” rear locking casters each Contact Us 
139-12022110 Commode, Hi back 17-1/2” each $1,011.78
139-12022111 Commode, Hi back 17-1/2” with caster pin locks each Contact Us 
139-90835070 Padded seat only O shaped each Contact Us 
139-90835175 Padded seat only C shaped each Contact Us 
139-90835180 Padded seat only w/o cutout each Contact Us 

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