OpSite Incise Drape – is a transparent, adhesive polyurethane film that allows the skin to breathe, so preventing moisture build-up under the drape. As a result, it adheres to the surrounding skin throughout long surgical operations and right up to the wound edge.
OpSite Flexigrid - has the same benefits of OpSite but with a unique wound measurement grid.
OpSite Flexifix – a transparent film roll that is waterproof and a barrier to bacteria. Its high moisture vapor permeability allows the skin to breathe while the acrylic adhesive minimizes the risk of skin damage on removal. The film is highly conformable and extensible to increase patient comfort.
OpSite Spray – is a transparent and quick drying film that is easy and convenient to apply. It is permeable to moisture vapor and air, water resistant, conformable and elastic. It helps to provide protection for dry minor surgical and surface wounds.

Product Number Description Size Quantity Price
185-4963 Opsite Incise 10cm x 14cm bx/10 $41.58
185-4975 Opsite Incise 10cm x 14cm bx/50 $118.58
185-4628 Opsite Flexigrid 6cm x 7cm bx/100 $41.02
185-4630 Opsite Flexigrid 10cm x 12cm bx/50 $115.22
185-4631 Opsite Flexigrid 15cm x 20cm bx/10 $50.68
185-4632 Opsite Flexigrid 12cm x 25cm bx/20 $94.08
185-66000040 Opsite Flexifix 5cm x 10m roll $19.46
185-66000041 Opsite Flexifix 10cm x 10m roll $35.70
185-66000375 Opsite Flexifix 15cm x 10m roll $47.60
185-66004978 Opsite Spray 100ml each $18.34

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