Bard -The dispoz-a-bag is made of heavy duty vinyl for extended wear, odor containment and leak resistance and comes with an anti-reflux valve; 2 latex straps. Also available with an18in extension tube.

Rusch – The button bag is a quality urinary drainage bag that fits securely to the leg with a unique button attachment system. It also features a push-pull drain valve to help direct urine flow while keeping hands clean and dry; an anti-reflux valve and soft, comfortable leg straps.

MDI – This rehab bag comes with attached strap buttons as well as slits that permit the use of hook & loop or cloth straps as an alternative to the standard latex strap. Made of strong vinyl film w/anti-reflux valve and twist open bottom drain.

Conveen – This latex free deluxe leg bag features pre-attached, adjustable, anti-kink tubing; secure, user-friendly closure; anti-reflux valve; soft cloth backing and low-profile contours.

Product Number Description Size Quantity Price
666-1501M Dispoz-a-bag 19oz, medium each $5.04
666-1501L Dispoz-a-bag 32oz, large each $5.32
666-150180 Dispoz-a-bag 19oz w/extension tube, medium each $7.91
666-150181 Dispoz-a-bag 32oz w/extension tube, large each $8.40
180-A3019 Button bag 19oz, medium each Contact Us
180-A3032 Button bag 32oz, large each Contact Us
332-87-002 Rehab bag 19 oz, medium each Contact Us
332-87-004 Rehab bag 32oz, large each Contact Us
310-5170 Conveen Leg bag 21oz. bx/10 $131.60
310-5174 Conveen Leg bag 28oz. bx/10 $132.86

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