Manually retractable safety syringe with push, pull, snap to permanently disable device.

Product Number Description Size Quantity Price
348-100019 InviroSNAP 1cc 27g x 0.5” bx/100 $38.78
348-100018 InviroSNAP 1cc 25g x 5/8” bx/100 $38.78
348-100034 InviroSNAP 1cc 25g x 1” bx/100 $38.78
348-100078IM InviroSNAP 3cc 25g x 5/8” bx/100 $38.78
348-100079IM InviroSNAP 3cc 25g x 1” bx/100 $38.78
348-100024 InviroSNAP 3cc 23g x 1” bx/100 Contact Us 
348-100057 InviroSNAP 3cc 22g x 1” bx/100 $38.78
348-100073 InviroSNAP 3cc 22g x 1.5” bx/100 $38.78
348-100047 InviroSNAP 3cc 21g x 1.5” bx/100 Contact Us 
348-100055 InviroSNAP 3cc 21g x 1” bx/100 Contact Us 
348-100002 InviroSNAP Insulin 0.5cc 29g x 0.5” bx/100 $40.60
348-100017 InviroSNAP Insulin 1cc 29g x 0.5” bx/100 $40.60
348-100032 InviroSNAP Allergy tray – 1cc 27g x 0.5” ty/25 $9.73

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