Designed to kill 99.99% of germs, GelFast 2 Go is a reusable, mobile travel hand sanitizer that easily clips on to belts or waistbands. Simply insert the GelFast cartridge into the unit and "holster" the unit onto your belt or waist band for immediate access to hand sanitization and hygiene. The GelFast 2 Go Anywear unit can be activated with one hand for easy, and efficient access.

By using a top grade, alcohol based hand sanitizer, GelFast 2 Go Anywear is an efficient and effective way at killing 99.99% of all germs. GelFast 2 Go also contains a variety of moisturizers to help keep your skin healthy and smooth - without drying out. Goes on instanty without the need to dry your hands.

Comes with a refreshing, citrus scent. Availabe in white or black.

A unique and simple way to bring hand hygiene with you wherever you go. The active ingredient is 70% ethyl alcohol with multiple skin conditioners to keep hands in excellent shape.
gelFast Anywhere – has an innovative, integral no-drip valve. The lightweight and ultra compact design allows you to wear it anywhere! It can be worn on a lanyard, waist band, coat pocket, belt and many other ways. Replacement cartridges are available.
gelFast 2GO – has a built-in carabiner style clip that allows you to easily clip it onto such things as labcoats, bags, purses or just about anything. No cartridges required, it is refillable.

Product ID
gelFast Anywhere unit, white
370-MXRC02 Replacement cartridge each $2.24
370-MXGF2GO-W gelFast 2GO, Pearl White each $2.45
370-MXGF2GO-B gelFast 2GO, Dark Silver each $2.45

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