Biatain dressings are available in a number of sizes and styles.
Biatain non-adhesive foam – unique 3-D polymer structure absorbs and locks exudate away. It is primarily used for low to highly exudating wounds including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, chronic wounds and skin tears. It can also be used throughout the healing process to provide padding and protection for all types of wounds and is well-suited for use under a compression device.
Biatain adhesive foam – same features as above but includes a hydrocolloid-based adhesive border.
Biatain Ag adhesive foam – same structure as Biatain with the added antimicrobial benefits of silver. It is used for moderate to highly exudating wounds and does not require a secondary dressing.
Biatain Ibu non-adhesive foam - absorbs and evaporates away large quantities of wound fluid. At the same time it slowly and constantly delivers low-dosage ibuprofen directly into the wound, bypassing common side effects of oral pain-relieving drugs.

Product Number Description Size Quantity Price
310-3410 Biatain, non-adhesive foam 10cm x 10cm bx/10 $97.58
310-3413 Biatain, non-adhesive foam 15cm x 15cm bx/5 $96.32
310-3416 Biatain, non-adhesive foam 20cm x 20cm bx/5 $187.53
310-3430 Biatain, adhesive foam 10cm x 10cm bx/10 $86.66
310-3423 Biatain, adhesive foam 18cm x 18cm bx/5 $108.50
310-3420 Biatain, adhesive foam 12.5cm x 12.5cm bx/10 $105.42
310-9631 Biatain Ag, adhesive foam w/silver 7.5cm x 7.5cm bx/5 $50.12
310-9632 Biatain Ag, adhesive foam w/silver 12.5cm x 12.5cm bx/5 $128.66
310-4110 Biatain Ibu, non-adhesive foam 10cm x 10cm bx/5 $75.32

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