Sterile wound dressing consisting of a hypoallergenic, hydrocolloid adhesive with an outer clear adhesive cover film impermeable to liquids, bacteria and viruses. With its’ inner layer of hydrocolloid adhesive and breathable outer film layer, this dressing ensures an optimal moist wound environment, mimimizes the chance for damage to healthy periwound skin and provides extended wear for up to seven days. Available in both regular and thin formulations and in oval, square and sacral shapes (thin does not have sacral).

Product Number Description Size Quantity Price
800-90001 Tegaderm, oval 7cm x 9cm bx/5 $25.90
800-90002 Tegaderm, square 10cm x 10cm bx/5 $35.70
800-90003 Tegaderm, oval 10cm x 12cm bx/5 $37.10
800-90004 Tegaderm, oval 14cm x 17cm bx/3 $36.40
800-90005 Tegaderm, square 15cm x 15cm bx/3 $55.72
800-90007 Tegaderm, sacral design 13.9cm x 12.3cm bx/6 $91.84
800-90021 Tegaderm thin, oval 7cm x 9cm bx/10 $33.88
800-90022 Tegaderm thin, square 10cm x 10cm bx/5 $25.76
800-90023 Tegaderm thin, oval 10cm x 12cm bx/10 $55.72
800-90024 Tegaderm thin, oval 14cm x 17cm bx/6 $54.32

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